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Do you have questions about remote learning? We've got answers! INFOhio supports remote learning with resources, lessons, and more that all Ohio PreK-12 schools can use. Your students can keep calm, carry on, and keep learning with INFOhio!

How can I get help with INFOhio resources for remote learning?

Teachers, students, and their parents can contact INFOhio at with any questions or issues.

When it comes to remote learning, where should I begin?
Will my students need to log into the INFOhio website?

Most students will not need to manually log into the INFOhio website from home; we can log most Ohio users in automatically using cookies and geoauthentication. To help those who may be using mobile devices or who have security software that does not allow IP recognition, share your district's INFOhio username and password with students and parents. You are welcome to share your district's INFOhio username and password in password-protected environments or on printed documents, but please do not share any INFOhio usernames or passwords on open webpages or on social media. Consider printing your INFOhio username and password on these customizable labels and sticking them on papers or devices your students will be using at home.

Please view this video for a quick tutorial on logging in and switching your login.

If students don't know your district's INFOhio username and password, they can look it up here:

INFOhio has additional staff responding to username and password requests during this time. Username and password requests are automatically generated when a user tries to log in and isn't automatically recognized.

Can I link to INFOhio resources on my school website or LMS?

When sharing links to INFOhio resources with students and parents, please note the following:

  • To access the digital content INFOhio has licensed for Ohio's PreK-12 teachers, students, and their parents, users need to be coming from the INFOhio website.
  • The URLs you share for resources and content should have the word infohio in them.
  • URLs that appear in the browser address bar when you are using content from INFOhio resources are not shareable URLs. For example, do not share the browser address bar url for an individual BookFlix title as that will not provide seamless access to the content. 

INFOhio has short screencasts to help you find the best link to share for seamless access to INFOhio's licensed resources and content. 

Looking for links you can share on a school website or in a learning management system? Use the URLs you see on INFOhio's Resource Links page.

For some resources, INFOhio is able to provide an LMS/Direct Link that includes a passthru string. For example, you will find a button with this kind of URL on INFOhio's BookFlix page. This is how this link works: when students click a link with the passthru, they are very quickly routed to the INFOhio website where we check for authentication. If we can recognize that they are authenticated, we very quickly pass them to the content provider. This can happen so fast that it feels like they are going straight to the resource without even stopping at the INFOhio website. However, if a student is not already authenticated and we can't recognize them, they will be stopped at the INFOhio website and prompted to log into the INFOhio website before we can pass them on to the resource.

Where can I find lessons, assessments, and more for remote learning?

Educator Tools includes teacher-approved lesson plans, best practices, articles, websites, and other instructional materials to support personalized learning, project-based learning, and the inquiry process. Many learning activities can be completed remotely and online. Search by standard language or use the filters on the left to find the right content for your students.

To learn more about using Educator Tools, watch this INFOhio video tutorial. To earn contact hours for learning how to integrate content from Educator Tools into your curriculum, take the Educator Tools class in the Building Your Digital Curriculum with INFOhio OER Learning Pathway.

Where can I find printables that I can use in packets for remote learning?

Looking for printables? The World Book webquests are a good option and they are now available in INFOhio's Educator Tools. Webquests are print-and-do activities designed to help build students' foundational knowledge by taking them on self-directed expeditions through World Book Kids, World Book Student, and World Book Advanced. While completing the webquests, students learn by reading text, seeing images, and hearing sound (including text read aloud to them). Along the way, they will be learning and practicing basic research skills. Teachers should print and distribute the webquests in advance, making sure to remove the answer key.

Students can then complete the webquests in the classroom or remotely using World Book resources from INFOhio. If students will not have Internet access, teachers can print the accompanying World Book articles. To find the World Book webquests in Educator Tools, try a search for World Book webquests or use the following links:

Does INFOhio have instructional units?

Find INFOhio instructional units (on the go lessons you can do any time!) and other INFOhio lessons that use INFOhio digital content—high-quality content that your students can access from home—in Educator Tools. Using the Item Type filter, check Activities & Lesson Plans to find these INFOhio instructional units and the IWonder Genius Hour lesson plan:

Where can I find streaming videos for my students for remote learning?

Educator Tools also includes streaming educational videos from INFOhio's Digital Video Collection (DVC). DVC videos support all curriculum areas and Ohio's Learning Standards. Segmented and downloadable, most include teacher guides.

Where can I find digital text for my students for remote learning?

An excellent source for high-quality text that teachers can print or that students can view online is ISearch. Through ISearch, teachers have access to thousands of digital texts, videos, and more that can easily be added to a learning management system.

To earn contact hours for learning how to integrate content from ISearch into your curriculum, take the ISearch for Teachers class in the Building Your Digital Curriculum with INFOhio OER Learning Pathway.

Does INFOhio offer training on remote learning?

INFOhio Campus is INFOhio's home for professional development and training. There you'll find links to the INFOhio Learning Pathways and the Learn With INFOhio Webinars.

INFOhio's latest webinar series to support remote learning is happening throughout March and April. Be the Helper—Support Ohio’s Remote Learning with Quality Content from INFOhio is for INFOhio's IPartners, ICoaches, Providers, and all other education professionals who want to learn how to help support teachers with remote learning. In this series, participants will learn how to be the helpers for remote teaching and learning with INFOhio's digital content. In addition to sharing more about how to use INFOhio resources and tools, we will invite educational experts (that’s you!) to share best practices, observations of what works, and personal anecdotes from your current remote teaching and learning experiences. Each webinar will be held at noon, will last 1 hour, and participants can earn contact hour certificates for attending. For more information about this series, see INFOhio Webinars: Be the Helper—Support Ohio’s Remote Learning with Quality Content from INFOhio.

The Management Council recently held webinars on using Zoom and INFOhio for remote learning. To view the recordings, see the Management Council's Public Resources To Support Remote Learning page.

Use the INFOhio Learning Pathways to learn more about building digital curriculum or integrating digital content into instruction for students ages 3-5, grades K-5, or grades 6-12.

Where can I learn more about teaching with Zoom?

The Management Council has hosted and recorded multiple webinars on teaching with Zoom. You can find links to those recordings and more on the Management Council's Public Resources To Support Remote Learning page. Also see the Management Council's Top Six Zoom Questions From Educators. If you have questions about Zoom, please talk to your administrator who can put you in contact with a representative from your school or district's ITC.

Is there a space where I can collaborate with other PreK-12 educators on remote learning?

Looking for more ideas? Willing to share your own? Join INFOhio's Open Space to collaborate with other PreK-12 educators around the state on remote learning ideas. Explore existing groups in Open Space or start your own. Engage in discussions, share resources, and create lessons designed for remote learning.

Learn how to make the most of Open Space's features by completing the Open Space Basics class and Open Space Collaboration and Creation class in the Building Your Digital Curriculum with INFOhio OER Learning Pathway.

Are there recommended tasks I can complete for maintaining my library collection?

If you are wondering what administrative library tasks you can and should do while schools are meeting remotely, contact your INFOhio Provider. Your INFOhio Provider can help you with these tasks and more!

  • Closed Dates & Due Dates
  • Suspending Reports
  • Installing and Using WorkFlows at Home
  • Using This Time for Inventory
  • Collection Development and Weeding
  • Using the BLUEcloud Learning Pathway
  • Enhancing Records with Mitinet

For more information, please see the INFOhio Library Automation page.

Do you have information for parents on remote learning?

If you are a parent or caregiver looking for information on remote learning, please see INFOhio's Parents page. If you are a teacher looking for information to help parents with remote learning, see the Teach With INFOhio blog post Remote Learning with INFOhio: Supporting Parents, INFOhio's Parents page, and the Parent Help Resources page.

All INFOhio users—teachers, students, and parents—can contact us at for help or with questions.

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