Advance With INFOhio

INFOhio's face-to-face training and professional development is designed to provide the best possible support for teaching and learning using INFOhio's quality digital content, web tools, and Library Services Platform.

Whether you need an introduction to INFOhio or a deep dive into integrating our resources and tools into classroom instruction, our face-to-face professional development and training will advance your practice.

Advance With INFOhio

Our training and professional development services are affordable and customizable:

  • Consultation to meet your professional development needs 
  • Cost-effective training options:

INFOhio's face-to-face training and professional development will be held virtually using Zoom in the Fall of the 2020-2021 school year. We are happy to provide training and PD using our training curriculum and hope you will support continued use of our resources and tools in your school or agency by promoting the ICoach or IPartner programs to your staff. 

Initiate your INFOhio Experience

To schedule your face-to-face training or professional development, please go to and provide the following information:

  • Name of contact person
  • Name of district/building/agency
  • Date of training or professional development
  • Phone number of contact person

INFOhio has a Training Curriculum that can help you plan for your Advance With INFOhio training or professional development. Topics include:

  • Integrating Digital Content into Instruction
  • Literacy Grades PreK-12, including Reading Digital Text
  • Inquiry
  • Social-emotional Learning 
  • Building Your Digital Collection
  • Library Service Platform Implementation and Best Practices

Check the calendar below for the best dates to have an INFOhio Trainer work with your district, school, or agency to advance your practice. 


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