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This is a 5-question INFOhio assessment.

Please complete this quiz to generate a certificate for 1 contact hour for viewing the webinar. You must answer at least four out of five questions correctly to receive your certificate. The certificate will reflect the date you take the quiz. 

Begin Assessment: Session 3: Reimagine Your PreK–5 Classroom with Quality Materials from INFOhio Assessment (5 Questions)
How many hours per week do educators typically spend searching for and creating instructional materials for their classrooms?
  1 hour
  5 hours
  20 hours
  7-12 hours
As discussed in the presentation, high-quality instructional materials include components of all of the following except
  Low Rigor
  Flexible and Adaptable
  Culturally Responsive
Highlights Library and BookFlix offer culturally responsive content.
When instructional materials are flexible & adaptable they include
  support for facilitating learning in hybrid or online delivery methods.
  accessible content that can be used online or offline as needed.
  teacher supports, documentation, and guides for effective use of the product.
  All of the above
Articles found in ISearch can be read online or printed for offline use.

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